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Wild Crafted

Limited Edition, Seasonal & Sustainable Wild Crafted Products


Bear Kin Botanicals provides small batch handcrafted herbal products. Our products are harvested sustainably with care and respect to the land, with time spent giving gratitude to the gifts that Mother Earth offers. Our products focus on providing plant medicine and food so people may enjoy healthy lives connected to the land. We thrive to welcome the spirit of nature into your everyday life and nourish your body with abundance from Northeast mountains and Midwest forests.

The first thing you may notice about our products is, there is little consistency. A product once off the shelf may never return, or may return but slightly different. The food and medicine we provide is unique because it is heavily tied to the Earth's season and what she provides, and no more. The wild one year may provide abundance while the next is a year of rest. Additionally, we make everything in small batches, with what we can gather and make ourselves. So love each product with as much love that we put into it, and remember that with each season it may come and go but never be the same twice.

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