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The Land will tell us when we can harvest, and when we cannot

At a small scale, harvesting sustainably is about listening to what the land is telling you. It is a combination of knowledge and intuition for how much to gather and what to leave for the wildlife and growth of the plant population.


Medicinal and edible plants are wild crafted with respect and the intention to maintain and grow the population. While gathering wild plants, only 10% of a plant population is harvested in a season to ensure there is no overharvesting. Plants are often gathered during times of abundance while some years, they are left alone to allow growth.

Sometimes even when the plant seems to be in abundance, we sometimes hear from the plant that it isn't the time or it isn't ready, and we take only when we are told to. We do not cut corners, it is an act of love that these product are made, not to exploit and profit. 

Because of the unpredictable nature of harvesting wild plants, products are only available seasonally and are limited edition!

Wild Lands & Organic Gardens

Healthy soil and clean waters will provide us with the most potent medicine and nutritional benefits.

Our products are harvested from pristine areas away from pollution and pesticides. Most are harvested from rural natural areas or parks throughout the Northeast and Midwest. 


Cultivated herbs & plants are gathered on family organic and regenerative farm. Any outsourced ingredients are local, organic or natural to ensure the highest quality. 


The Gatherer & Herbalist

Lauren has been wild harvesting plants and eating from her natural landscapes for over a decade. She is a herbalist, naturalist and budding willow basket maker. For years, she spent her time outside in nature working as a wildlife technician and nature connection educator, before the pandemic left her jobless in the rural Vermont forests. In a time of isolation with her friends, she was motivated to aligned with her passion and make a living. Along her journey, she interacted with a young black bear who became symbolic to her vision of wild crafted seasonal products.    

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